Take a few moments to review the information below. This information will help you understand our price structure as well as how to save money.


Remember that there is a lot of work and love involved in what we do. We do not just press a button and your T-shirt comes out... Our team works very hard to give you the best product possible.

How do we price out T-Shirts?

  • Quantity of order per design.

  • Style and quality of T-Shirt.

  • Amount of locations printed.

  • Colors of ink on each location.

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Did you know?

Printing on color t-shirts is more expensive than printing on white t-shirts.



We need to print a white underbase ink. This adds an additional color as well as a screen. In addition, it makes it harder to set up on the press.


Do I have to use an Underbase White Ink?

No! This will be cheaper but the result will be a faded color or a vintage washed out look instead of a nice vibrant color.


if you prefer no underbase coat we can print without it.

With or Without

White Underbase Ink

Good to


Quantity Matters

Did you know?

The more T-Shirts you order the cheaper the price per item.



It takes us a minimum of 3 hours of labor to set up your design. These 3 hours are divided into the amount of t-shirts you order.



$180 / 12 T-Shirts = $15ea

+ Cost of T + Print Cost + Screens

=Total cost per T-shirt

$180 / 144 T-Shirts = $1.25ea 

+ Cost of T + Print Cost + Screens

=Total cost per T-shirt

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Print with
underbase White ink
Print without 
underbase White ink
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