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T-Shirt Screen Printing in Honolulu

We offer T-Shirt printing made in Hawaii! 


We have been providing custom t-shirt printing and screen printing in Hawaii for over 10 years... 


Our printing facility is located in the Kalihi area of Honolulu and is run by individuals who live & breath Hawaii.


We understand the uniqe local needs and have the answer to a growing demand of small orders (less than 144pc).


Most important of all... We have the best service and quality available!


We offer custom screen printing at factory direct pricing (Large orders):


  • Retail Shops

  • Corporations

  • Competitions and Events

  • Construction Companies

  • Organizations

  • Military 

  • State

  • Family Reunions

  • Restaurants

  • And More...


Great pricing for individuals (Small orders):


  • Birthdays

  • Sport Teams 

  • Artists

  • New Clothing Lines

  • Start-up Companies

  • Music Bands

  • And More...

We use the most technologically advanced screen printing methods to provide you with amazing print quality and speed of service:

What is T-Shirt Screen Printing?

Screen printing is pushing wet ink through a screen/stencil onto a

T-Shirt or any surface.  You have to create a screen/stencil for each color in your design. Each color is printed separately onto the surface and all the colors together create the desired design. Setting up each stencil onto the press is called design registration. Registration and creating the screens take a long time and is a skill that a printer has to master.


Below is an example of a 4 color design on a light fabric.

As you can see each color is printed separately until the desired design appears after all 4 colors have been printed.

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